IMMA provides publications, events and a knowledge share platform for brands to better understand the rapid developments around the Metaverse as well as expertise how they can better engage their target audiences using the very bleeding edge of digital technology.

“For Curry Brand the push into Web3 has really been about finding new ways to connect to community and experimenting with goods and experiences. Curry Brand was founded on performance and purpose. So, technology and innovation, as it relates to the footwear world, is part of our DNA. Taking that mindset into the roadmaps we are building is a no brainer.” 


IMMA provides publications, events and a knowledge share platform for agencies to better understand the rapid developments around the Metaverse, as well as expertise to agencies so they can better assist their clients in better engaging their target audiences using the very bleeding edge of digital technology.

“The metaverse has vast potential for brand and consumer interaction. However, especially in these early stages, companies must ensure that human connections can be made within the metaverse. There must at least be some action taken within the metaverse that results in a tangible product or service being delivered to the consumer afterward so that a memorable link is made.” 

Ryan Drew

General Manager of Curry Brand
Under Armour

Jessica Hawthorne-Castro

Hawthorne LLC

FOR Technology Companies

IMMA provides a platform for technology companies (that are actively working on advancing the development of the Metaverse) to connect with potential customers, potential partners, potential investors, regulators and  government bodies as well as academic institutions to help them to better align with industry. In short, it helps technology companies to raise their exposure in terms of business development, thought leadership, capital needs and human resources and recruitment needs.

“However advanced, technological, immersive, decentralised and interactive the universes may be, they can only survive if they manage to attract the general public. (…) The future of the metaverse will depend on its mass adoption by users, as is the case today with social networks.”

FOR investors

IMMA provides technology investors a path to deal-flow opportunities through its events and publications, in addition to the possibility to enhance their exposure to additional limited partners and co-investment opportunities. 

“A witches’ brew of macro economic factors – decades-high inflation, rising interest rates and fear of a global recession – has clobbered the stock market in 2022. Add in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, record prices at gas pumps, crashing crypto currencies and a global COVID-19 pandemic that refuses to fade into the background and the situation for investors is a confusing mess. Where do you look for growth? The answer is the metaverse.”

Alvaro Alegría

Head of Strategic Initiatives
Telefónica Tech AI of Things

Brad Moon

Contributing writer

For Academic and Research Institutions

The Academic and Research Collaboration Group strives to better align academic and research institutes to industry, as well as to collaborate on joint research and funding projects.

“The next decade or so will see the rise of a whole new domain of information and interaction that is essentially spatial. The changes in our lives and society that will result will be extensive and well worth studying on their own, but XR and the metaverse are not just a new topic to study, they are already a means by which research is conducted and a mode of dissemination. (…) but there’s rarely any joined-up institutional thinking about how to create an environment fit for the research we want today and will need tomorrow. This must change if we’re to understand and shape our extended future reality.

For (Non)Governmental Organizations

The rapid advancements in technology call for placing a priority on important issues such as (data) security, information privacy, financial regulation, digital rights management, and governance. IMMA believes these conversations can not start soon enough.

“The seminal asset, and thus the seminal issue, in the digital era is access to—and control of—personal information. In the current online world, the digital companies have siphoned personal information and then stored, manipulated, and repackaged that data in order to sell access to targeted users. If the metaverse is moving to a persistent pseudo-world, then the amount of data collected will be immense, as will the opportunity to monetize that data.(…) The development of government-overseen behavioral standards protected consumer, workers, and competition in the industrial revolution—while simultaneously enabling a vibrant and growing economy. The digital revolution requires similar government-overseen standards.”

Neil McDonnell

Senior lecturer
University of Glasgow

Tom Wheeler

Visiting Fellow
The Brookings Institute