Nils Gerlant Veenstra
Managing Director

52.95 North

The Netherlands

About Nils:
Nils is a serial entrepreneur and the initiator of IMMA. After spending 15 years in the United States in founding teams in early Internet and Telematics start-ups, as well as a number of years working for a federal government in Foreign Direct Investment, Nils came back to Europe and set up various fintech, sportstech, blockchain, and adtech / martech trade alliances and companies. He currently runs a technology company that encompasses entire value chains in various industries in order to address current supply chain issues and bring on-demand and on-site production of certified (spare) parts using additive manufacturing (industrial 3Dprinting) to the automotive, aviation, maritime, defense and oil & gas sectors.

Being a huge sports fan, Nils spent a number of years working in an un-paid role on strategy and innovation (with a focus on commercial, youth development and social impact) at the world’s biggest little football club; fan-owned Bohemian Football Club in Dublin, Ireland.

About 52.95 North
52.95 North is a venture building family office. Its focus is on emerging technology which has the potential to disrupt existing industries and business logics, and it has a strong focus on Social Impact projects and companies. Not merely an investment vehicle, 52.95 North has a hands-on approach and tends to get actively involved in corporate and commercial strategy of portfolio companies.