John Phelan
Director General

ICMP – International Confederation of Music Publishers


About John
John has been the Executive Director of ICMP (International Confederation of Music Publishers) since 2018. Before joining ICMP, John worked at IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry), the industry’s global body for recorded music.

John’s background is in law, Conservatoire training in music and several years as a professional musician.  He has also worked extensively in EU digital policy, including IP regulation.

About ICMP – International Confederation of Music Publishers
The ICMP is a trade association based in Brussels representing the global music publishing community. It addresses intellectual property and copyright issues on behalf of its membership. This membership consists of 64 national trade associations spanning 6 continents, as well as majors and indies representing 90% of the world’s published music.

ICMP represents some of the world’s oldest companies. They have been bringing masterpieces to audiences since baroque era of Mozart and Vivaldi in the 1700s. These companies are still innovating today.